On Techdirt, Creative Commons, & the Public Domain

Mike Masnick has yet another post on Techdirt lamenting how, in his view, “the public domain is in trouble.” How do we know this? Because it “requires a 52-page handbook to determine if something is public domain.” Yes, “requires,” and that just “seems… wrong.” The lamentably-long handbook in question, entitled “Is it in the Public […]

Techdirt: Copyright Extensions Are Thefts, But Infringements Are Not

Techdirt’s Mike Masnick had a curious post this past Monday concerning the Copyright and Duration of Rights in Performances Regulations 2013, which came into force on November 1st in the U.K. The Regulations, which implement the provisions of Directive 2011/77/EU of the European Parliament, extend certain copyright terms in the U.K. from 50 to 70 […]