Professors Mislead FCC on Basic Copyright Law

Cross-posted from the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property (CPIP) blog. In a letter submitted to the FCC late last week defending the Commission’s deeply flawed set-top box proposal,[1] a group of professors make an incredible claim: Everyone is perfectly free to distribute copyrighted works online however they please. No license? No problem! According […]

BMG v. Cox: ISP Liability and the Power of Inference

As readers are likely aware, the jury verdict in BMG v. Cox was handed down on December 17th. The jury found that BMG had proved by a preponderance of the evidence that Cox’s users were direct infringers and that Cox is contributorily liable for that infringement. The interesting thing, to me at least, about these […]

Protecting Authors and Artists by Closing the Streaming Loophole

Matthew Barblan and I have a new CPIP policy brief, Protecting Authors and Artists by Closing the Streaming Loophole. Here’s the introduction: Copyright protects the property rights of authors and artists through both civil and criminal remedies for infringement. While the civil remedies are commonplace, the sections of the Copyright Act that specify which forms […]