Law Theories Public License 1.0

Now that the Repost plugin is discontinued, I’ve added a public license grant to each of my posts so that others may freely share them. The posts are still copyrighted, and I am the legal titleholder to the copyrights, but I am relieving members of the public of the duty not to engage in the uses listed in Sections 106(1)-(5) of Title 17. This license, of course, does not affect the privileges of others to engage in fair uses of my posts or to use the unprotectable ideas contained therein.

The use-privileges so licensed replace my exclusive rights with no-rights, meaning, I have no legally enforceable claims against those who exercise these licensed privileges. The license is subject to two conditions of attribution, meaning, unless these two conditions are met, there is no license to use my posts. The attribution conditions are that users of my posts must provide my name as the author of the original posts and a link to the original posts on this blog.

The license grant is revocable, meaning, I can change my mind later, even arbitrarily and capriciously, to revoke your license (though I don’t foresee doing this unless circumstances are unusual or extreme). It is nonsublicensable, meaning, you cannot license my posts to anyone else (others can easily get their licenses directly from me under this license). It is nontransferable, meaning, I grant the license to you, but you then cannot transfer your license to someone else. And it is nonexclusive, meaning, I can and do grant this license to people other than you.

Here is the license:

Law Theories Public License 1.0

License Grant: I hereby grant you a revocable, nonsublicensable, nontransferable, and nonexclusive license to reproduce, adapt, publicly distribute, publicly perform, and publicly display this post subject to two conditions of attribution, namely, (1) you must provide my name (“Devlin Hartline”) as the author of the original post, and (2) you must provide a link to the original post on my blog (“”).

So, in short, you can copy, remix, and freely share my posts with others, so long as you give me credit as the original author and link back to my original posts. If anyone would like the HTML versions of my posts to save time on formatting (or for any other reason), just send an email to and I’ll gladly provide them to you.

Special thanks to Terry Hart for his valuable feedback in drafting this post.

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