Applying Aereo: Dish’s Hopper with Sling

This is the second post in my “Applying Aereo” series. In the first post, I walked through the Supreme Court’s reasoning step-by-step. In this second installment, I’ll apply the holding of Aereo to Dish’s Hopper with Sling, and I’ll explain why I think Fox should lose on its new public performance claim against Dish. While […]

The Prior Restraint Issue in Garcia v. Google

The Ninth Circuit’s amended opinion in Garcia v. Google is now out, and the majority is sticking to its guns in granting Garcia preliminary injunctive relief against Google for its alleged copyright infringement. The facts are somewhat strange: Garcia had a minor part in a film, and she claims that she, and not the filmmaker, […]

Applying Aereo: The Supreme Court’s Reasoning

Since there’s been a lot of concern about how Aereo applies to other services, I thought I’d offer a pair of posts looking at the majority’s reasoning in Aereo and then applying it to a concrete issue that is currently being litigated. In this first post, I’ll walk through the Aereo majority’s thinking step-by-step, adding […]

Law Theories Public License 1.0

Now that the Repost plugin is discontinued, I’ve added a public license grant to each of my posts so that others may freely share them. The posts are still copyrighted, and I am the legal titleholder to the copyrights, but I am relieving members of the public of the duty not to engage in the […]